Project Meeting, April 2014

The Digital Epiphanies team met in April 2014 at UCL for a two day meeting. First we had an updates session in which we talked about the work we’ve been doing in recent months. One of the interesting topics that we talked about was the unintended impacts of technology. We also discussed how the affordances of technology, for instance smartphones, can dictate how productively they are used in terms of work life balance, and the issues surrounding existing terminology.

Then we spent the rest of our time working together on collaborative outputs from our research: a joint paper and a workshop. The joint paper considers the design of personal informatics tools that aim to measure productivity and support time management, and the extent to which they are effective in supporting people in gaining new insights about their digital habits. This aims to draw together the different perspectives, experiences and findings of the ongoing projects, and combine the things we have learnt from our work.

We are also planning a multidisciplinary workshop that will be held at MobileHCI 2014 in Toronto in September that will explore Socio-Technical Practices and Work-Home Boundaries. This workshop will consider how a socio-technical perspective could inform new approaches of thinking about mobile technology design by highlighting the ways in which technologies are bound with particular values and work and home practices. Submissions are open until May 30th 2014 and more information can be found here . This promises to be a very interesting workshop, and we’re hoping to attract researchers from a wide range of disciplines. We will also pay the workshop fee for up to 6 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers who have their papers accepted.

Hope to see you there!

Anna, Emily and the DE team.