Research Strand 2: Digital Technologies in Life-Balance Systems

A study led by Dr Chris Preist (Reader in Sustainability and Computer Systems), supported by Paul Shabajee (Research Fellow) based in the Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol in collaboration with the rest of the Digital Epiphanies Team.

The Research

This strand of work aims to identify and investigate the many roles that digital technologies play in relation to ‘work-life balance’ at present, and may play in the future. Through that understanding we plan to identify a range of potential points of intervention (interventions may include changes in current uses and behaviours) where digital technologies may play a role in supporting improvements in work-life balance and ‘life-balance’ more generally.

We take a systemic perspective, investigating the factors that affect work-life balance at all levels from the very personal (e.g. attitudes, personal and family contexts, work behaviours) to the global (e.g. consequences of trends in globalisation) and the roles that technologies play within those.

Our Participants and Methods

Our initial phase of research is drawing together learnings from a wide-ranging literature review and a series of semi-structured interviews with practitioners, specialists, trainers, researchers, managers, product developers and others with specific interests and expertise in ‘work-life balance’ issues.

Later we plan to conduct questionnaire and semi-structured interviews surveys with employees of an organisation or professional group – to be decided – in order to test and further refine our findings from the initial phase.

The current intention is that this will lead to the development of a range specific ideas for ways in which digital technologies can play more positive roles in improving work-life balance and life-balance more generally

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about these studies, please get in touch with Paul Shabajee


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